Introducing SHIMOA series now available on Samurai Gift !

September 01, 2018

Introducing SHIMOA series now available on Samurai Gift !

Hello everyone ! Now we have another Authentic Japanese Product available on Samurai Gift. Shimoa cups are finely tuned to amplify the distinctive sounds of carbonated beverages and to create a creamy head of foam, making the drinking of an enjoyable beer or carbonated beverage an even more enjoyable experience.

Please enjoy a beautiful collaboration of skilled artisans from four parts of Japan.

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Ishikawa Prefecture - Yamanaka Laquerware

Ishikawa’s traditional craft of Yamanaka Lacquerware makes full use of the skills passed down for generations, combining durability with beauty. Our products are finished with a wipe-laquer application.

Gold Leaf from Kanazawa

By virtue of the quality of their product, gold leaf from Kanazawa dominates the market, currently producing 99% of the gold leaf made in Japan.

Fukui Prefecture - Echizen Washi

Echizen is thought to be where the production of Japanese paper began. Add a touch of grace with a coaster made from this high-quality Japanese paper.

Niigata Prefecture - Tsubane-Sanjō Metalwork

The Tsubame-Sanjō metalworks have engineered a method of polishing that gives beer poured into their cups the perfect head. The bottom half is polished in a spiral to encourage the creation of foam and the top half is engineered to give the foam a delicate and creamy texture.


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