Authentic Japanese Sword Sekido(Mumei)

Authentic Japanese Sword


The long blade is shinogi-zukuri with a iori-mune. The hada is a prominent flowing itame, and has a pale, prominent utsuri. The clear bright hamon is a suguha based ko-gunome with choji, ash and yo. There are some more prominent shoji in the upper part of the blade. The boshi is suguha, ko-maru with a small turn-back. The unsigned nakago ends in iriyama-gata and has katte-sagari file marks.

It comes in a modern katana koshirae, with a plain black lacquered scabbard, with a gold colored silk sage, and a black silk on white ray-skin wrapped hilt. The hilt fittings are iron, and the antique menuki are shakudo with gold colored grapes. The iron tsuba has a carved design of a dragonfly.

Authentic Japanese Swords
All the authentic Japanese swords are considered cultural assets and registered with Agency for Cultural Affairs.
For us to export a sword, Samurai Gift Shop must apply for the Agency to obtain an export inspection certificate and return its registration certificate to the Agency. As soon as these processes are completed, we will be able to ship your purchased sword to your shipping address. It takes about one month or two to finish these procedures.

*We may reject your order of a sword(whether edged or not) when we already have the knowledge that the country where you live does not allow you to import real Japanese swords.



*Please Read This before purchasing an authentic Japanese Sword

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