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This swordsmith's name was "SHIMOSAKA-ICHIZAEMON"(下坂市左衛門) and signed "ECHIZEN SHIMOSAKA"(越前下坂). Later in ECHIZEN he was a swordsmith in ordinary to the feudral load "YUUKI HIDEYASU"(結城秀康) who is SHOGUN IEYASU's second son. Later in EDO SHOGUN IEYASU gaved him the holyhock crest(葵紋) and "YASU(康) character in his signature. So he changed his signature to "ECHIZEN YASUTUGU(越前康継).

This is a quarity Samurai Wakizashi sword blessed with a beautiful set of Koshirae(mounts). The TUBA is made out of brass and its design is stacks of rice straw and a crow with some signature.

The Fuchikashira's material. Is SHIBUICHI(四分一) with carved silver dragon. Also MENUKI were made out of SHAKUDOU and the design were DRAGON coiled sword. The scabbard is coated with black polished lacquer.


Length 49.5cm
Curvature 0.8cm
Togari-Gunome with sharp points
Jihada closed-grained



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Shipping cost included

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How to buy Authentic Japanese Swords
All the authentic Japanese swords are considered cultural assets and registered with Agency for Cultural Affairs.
For us to export a sword, Samurai Gift Shop must apply for the Agency to obtain an export inspection certificate and return its registration certificate to the Agency. As soon as these processes are completed, we will be able to ship your purchased sword to your shipping address. It takes about one month or two to finish these procedures.

*We may reject your order of a sword(whether edged or not) when we already have the knowledge that the country where you live does not allow you to import real Japanese swords.

*Please Read This before purchasing an authentic Japanese Sword


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