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The original sword of this design was used by UESUGI family, which was one of the most influential feudal families during SENGOKU period (warring period). UESUGI KENSHIN was the most famous one within this family, and he is known as a Dragon in ECHIGO, where he was born and raised (Yamagata prefecture, north of Japan).

UESUGI KENSHIN is well-known for his smart war tactics, and it is said that he almost won every single war in his life.
He called himself Bishamonten(Buddhist god of war) and his followers and others believed him to be a reincarnation of this God. He prioritized honor over his interest. One of the good examples is that he fought a war against TAKEDA SHINGEN(Kawanakajima battle) to get his friend's land back.

He was confident about his swordsmanship. That’s why this sword doesn’t have Tsuba(handguard).

■Size: Approx. 78cm" blade, 30cm" Handle & Overall 108cm
■Weight: Approx. 1.2kg (1.5kg including package weight)
■The Material of the blade: Zinc Alloy
■Scabbard Material: Hard Wood Colored with purple
■Tang Material: replica ray skin(black) laced with emerald green fabric
■Tsuba(handguard) : NO Tsuba
■Menuki(sword decoration inside the lacing): Metal Alloy overlaid with silver
■Fuchigashira material(sword decoration at the bottom of the tang): metal alloy(dragon decoration)
*The sword stand in the picture does not come with the sword.

*1 inch=2.54cm, 1.0 kg=2.205 pounds
*if this item is shown as back-order, it might take 2-3 weeks for us to restock it.
In this case, we will inform you via email.


Countries and areas to which we have successfully shipped replica swords before.



Please check here about the difference of Authentic Japanese Sword and Replica Japanese Sword.




 Shipping Cost

Shipping cost included

Shipping Method Express Mail Service (EMS) via the Japan Post Service
Delivery tracking https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/index_en.html



1. Although this is a replica sword, you could hurt people if misused.
2. You cannot disassemble or adjust this sword. 


Here is the list of countries where we have information that customers cannot import replica swords.
Russia, China (except Hong Kong), Korea, UK (depends on its size)

We would not be responsible if the custom seized the sword you had purchased from us under any circumstances.
Please make sure the country in which you live permits you to import replica swords before you make a purchase. On a further note, sometimes you will be required to obtain a document from your legal authority to receive a replica sword.We can answer which countries we have successfully shipped before if asked.

Side note

If you like to make sure if we have stock of a sword you will order, please contact us first before you make a purchase. https://shop.samuraimuseum.jp/pages/contact


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