Authentic Japanese Sword | SIGNED〔HASHUUJYUU YUKIFUSA 羽州住 行房〕

Authentic Japanese Sword

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CERTIFICATE : NBTHK HOZON(katana & wakizashi)
Location : DEWA 出羽 〔 AKITA & YAMAGATA]

The blade is shinogi-zukuri with a iorimune. The singed WAKIZASHI is HASHUU-SAN YUKIFUSA(羽州産行房). It means YUKIFUSA was born in DEWA. The sined KATANA is HASHUUJYUU YUKIFUSA (羽州住行房). It is almost same meaning.
JYUU(住)means living.

These are Antique DAISHOU KOSHIRAE with both scabbard made of black lacqured Sharkskin. These hilt fitting are shakudou which have curved design of autumn leaves and insect with signed “HITOYANAGI OOSATO”(一柳 大里)【late EDO】.The antique menuki are gold colored leaves and flowers. The DAISHOU TUBA are shakudou with open work which have
also signed “GOTOU TEIJYOU”(後藤 程乗).


Katana Wakizashi
Length 69.6cm 39.6cm
Curvature 1.6cm 0.5cm
Hamon Gunomemidare with ashi ko-Gunome
Hada flowing Itame flowing Itame
Boshi ko-maru  ko-maru



 Shipping cost

Shipping cost included

Shipping Method Express Mail Service (EMS) via the Japan Post Service
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How to buy Authentic Japanese Swords
All the authentic Japanese swords are considered cultural assets and registered with Agency for Cultural Affairs.
For us to export a sword, Samurai Gift Shop must apply for the Agency to obtain an export inspection certificate and return its registration certificate to the Agency. As soon as these processes are completed, we will be able to ship your purchased sword to your shipping address. It takes about one month or two to finish these procedures.

*We may reject your order of a sword(whether edged or not) when we already have the knowledge that the country where you live does not allow you to import real Japanese swords.

*Please Read This before purchasing an authentic Japanese Sword


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