The Picture of Engraving Cranes 千羽鶴透かし図

Authentic Japanese Tsuba

江戸時代 (Edo Period)
鉄地 肥後鍔(Tetsuji/Higo Tsuba)

size: approx. 8.0 cm x 7.5 cm
thickness: approx. 0.2 cm
nakagoana: approx. 0.7cm x 2.4cm
weight: approx.125 g
total weight approx. 300 g (including the weight of a shipping box)

There was a saying “Katana is Bizen(備前), Tsuba is Higo(肥後)” during Edo period. This expression shows how popular Tsuba made from Higo was among samurais during that period.

Bizen(備前) produced the highest-quality swords and Higo(肥後) was famous for producing excellent Tsuba. You can find so many engraved cranes on this Tsuba. Cranes have been loved by Japanese people for its beautiful appearance since ancient times. The crane is a symbol of longevity and prosperity and is regarded as a bird that brings good luck.

The Tsuba made of iron is called Tetsuji.

Bizen is the region in Okayama Prefecture, which is located in southern part of Honshu island.

Higo is the region in Kumamoto Prefecture, which is located in Kyushu island.

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