The Picture of Plum Blossoms 梅花散図

Authentic Japanese Tsuba

古川元珍 大小鍔(Furukawa Mototaka Daisho Tsuba)(Big and small Tsuba)
江戸時代中期(The middle of Edo Period)
特別貴重小道具 認定書付き(The item comes with Tokubetsu Kicho Kodougu Ninteisho)
赤銅 魚々子地 大小鍔( Shakudo/ Nanako/ daisho tsuba)

size: approx. 7.0 cm x 7.2 cm (both)
thickness: approx. 0.1 cm (both)
nakagoana: approx. 0.4cm x 2.4cm(both)
weight: approx.220 g ( for two tsuba)
total weight approx. 500 g (including the weight of a shipping box)

Mototaka Furukawa was a goldsmith who worked for Soumin Yokoya during Edo period.

*Tokubetsu Kicho Kodougu Ninteisho is the certification issued by a trusted Japanese antique group that proves the item is authentic and original.
Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords(Nihon Bijutsu Touken Hozon Kyokai)

Shakudo is mixed metal whose material consists of copper and small portion of gold.

Nanako is one of engraving patterns Tuba technicians use. The literal translation of Nanako is fish eggs. It looks as if there were so many fish eggs on the surface of Tsuba if this technique was used.

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